from the SDG Decision Education Center

These infographics help companies visualize, discover and apply innovative ways to assess risk and uncertainty across virtually all industries and organization types.

Building ODQ

A decision-making culture regularly ask questions and reflect on its progress.

The ODQ Maturity Curve

Enterprises integrate DQ principles in four key stages.

Five Habits of Highly Strategic Thinkers

Complex problem solving involves habitual strategic thinking.

How to Make the Right Choice the First Time

An approach that has empowered decision-makers to create immense business value.

Five Essential Books on Negotiation

Readings in negotiation processes and skills that can enhance your managerial influence.

Master two critical elements to stay ahead of the game

Winning moves for value-creation that combine analytical and organizational approaches.

How to address biases in decision making

Do not let biases sabotage good decision making

Don't Miss Out on the Upside of Risk

Embracing the upside of risk requires facing challenges and new ways to creates value

Why Decisions Go Bad

Learn to recognize the bad and the ugly of decision making: the processes, culture, organization, and systems that can get in the way.

Five Mistakes Decision Makers Need to Avoid

To increase value and minimize risk we need to avoid these five mistakes when making important decisions.

The Pitfalls of Heat Maps

Heat maps can unintentionally produce arbitrary decisions and risk management actions.

The Seven Deadly Sins of Strategy

An organization needs a process that promote virtuous behaviors and avoid deadly sins.

The Strategic Innovation Competency Model

Effective execution driven by the innovation cycle.

Three Things Every Executive Should Know About Risk

Make better decisions in the face of risk.


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