Leading with Integrity:
Ethics for the Real World

Form coherant ethical judgements at work and in personal life

Designed for business leaders, this course raises awareness to ethically sensitive decisions and provides a set of principles and tools for forming coherent ethical judgments.

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Presented by a collaboration of the SDG Decision Education Center and our academic partner, the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania

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Master the art of ethical decision-making so you can respond skillfully to life’s inevitable ethical challenges. Make powerful distinctions to identify ethically-sensitive situations and develop procedures for forming ethical judgments. This course does not promote a particular ethical point of view; instead, participants use the principles and tools to create their own personal ethical codes and test them against a wide range of examples from work and life.

Highlights & Benefits

  • Respond skillfully and intelligently to life’s inevitable ethical challenges and live a life of meaning and integrity
  • Overcome lying, deception, insincere promises, inappropriate secrets, and other temptations
  • Identify potential compromises in your own life
  • Draw clear ethical lines to clarify your thinking and consistently guide right action
  • Generate creative alternatives to resolve dilemmas

Experience & Impact

This course is led by Dr. Ronald Howard, a world-renowned professor and researcher at Stanford University whose deep interest in decisions and ethics lead to the creation of this course. Through class discussions, Dr. Howard helps participants develop practical tools to respond to life’s inevitable ethical challenges, make skillful decisions, and acquire new habits that allow them to lead with integrity.

Business executives and government leaders who currently influence organizational culture will benefit from this workshop. Those who are moving into leadership roles in which they will influence, mentor, and guide others are encouraged to attend. Those who have opportunities to influence others, particularly more senior colleagues, will find this program to be of value. Because the focus is on identifying and articulating your own ethical code in life and in work, all are welcome.

Session Topics Includes:
  • Raising ethical sensitivity
  • Mastering ethical distinctions
  • Learning from history: The Nazi Era
  • Ethical theories
  • Personal ethics
  • Professional ethics
  • Organizational ethics
  • Business ethics in practice
  • Areas of ethical concern beyond business

Prerequisites: None

Presented by a collaboration of the SDG Decision Education Center and our academic partner, the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania



Professor Ron Howard
Dr. Howard has been at Stanford since 1965. His books on DA, probabilistic modeling, dynamic programming, and Markov processes serve as major references for courses and research in these fields. His experience as a practitioner ranges over numerous fields of application, including projects on investment planning, research strategy, hurricane seeding, and nuclear waste isolation. Dr. Howard is a member of the National Academy of Engineering. He was awarded the Operations Research Society of America’s Frank P. Ramsey Medal in 1986 and the first INFORMS Teaching of Operations Research/Management Science Practice award in 1998. In 2014, the Society of Decision Professionals named the Raiffa-Howard Award for Organizational Decision Quality in honor of Prof. Ron Howard and Prof. Howard Raiffa of Harvard University, who together are widely considered co-founders of the discipline in 1964.

The Strategic Decision and Risk Management Certificate Program provides executives and mid-career professionals with the concepts and advanced knowledge to make high-quality decisions and embrace risk and uncertainty for competitive advantage. The certificate is a recognition that you have the advanced skills to lead decision making in your organization. Earn the SDRM certificate by completing five classes.

SDG is pleased to collaborate with the Wharton School at the University of Pennsyvlania to offer the SDRM certificate.

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