Achieving Strategic
Decision Quality

The key to making better decisions

Nearly three-quarters of senior executives think bad strategic decisions are as frequent in their organizations as good ones. Leading organizations, by contrast, are adopting best practices and processes for making smarter, faster, more effective long-term decisions. Organizations that adopt decision quality as a corporate practice have achieved measurably better results as the entire organization, from top to bottom, learns to recognize the quality of a decision at the time they make it, rather than in hindsight.

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Presented by a collaboration of the SDG Decision Education Center and our academic partner, the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania

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Achieving Strategic Decision Quality introduces the cornerstones of good decision-making: Decision quality, the framework that defines the requirements of a good decision; the Dialogue Decision Process, a collaborative method to address complicated issues in complex organizations; and the concepts and tools necessary to produce clarity about the best choice in an uncertain and dynamic environment.

Highlights & Benefits

  • Learn to frame a decision appropriately to avoid becoming mired in details or overwhelmed by scope
  • Generate better, more creative alternatives
  • Quantify uncertainty using probability
  • Structure and evaluate strategic choices to determine the best alternative
  • Recognize when you are leaving value on the table
  • Effectively communicate results to boards and senior executive teams
  • Build alignment among all stakeholders to foster successful execution of strategic choices

Experience & Impact

Led by the experienced decision consultants and educators at Strategic Decisions Group, this is a highly interactive course where participants learn by doing. Work in teams on a complex decision, applying the tools and techniques that are introduced throughout the course. Teams work together to frame the problem, create alternatives, assess information (including probabilities and ranges), perform sensitivity analysis, structure and evaluate decision trees, gain insight into the best course of action, and communicate the results of their work to decision makers.

Senior decision makers, decision team leaders, and those who provide information and analysis to support strategic decision-making will find this an excellent introduction to how decision quality can benefit their organization, how it works, and the roles that make the process effective.

Session Topics Includes:
  • Introduction to decision quality
  • Introduction to the dialogue decision process
  • Case study – follow one organization as we apply the dialogue decision process to achieve a clear course of action and commitment among all stakeholders
  • Setting the appropriate frame
  • Generating creative alternatives
  • Establishing clear values and trade-offs
  • Conducting sensitivity analysis
  • Assessing probabilities and ranges
  • Structuring and analyzing decision trees
  • Building organizational decision competency

Prerequisites: None

Presented by a collaboration of the SDG Decision Education Center and our academic partner, the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania



Bruce Judd
Bruce Judd is a partner and managing director at Strategic Decisions Group. He founded and co-leads the firm’s executive education program. Dr. Judd works with senior executives, internal consultants, facilitators, and analysts involved in making strategic decisions through a combination of on-the-job coaching, professional development and classroom work.

Carl Spetzler
Carl Spetzler has helped top business leaders over 40 years to create innovative new strategies that deal with the complexities of uncertainty and risk over long time horizons. CEO and Chairman of Strategic Decisions Group, he is the lead author of Decision Quality: Value Creation from Better Business Decisions (Wiley, 2016).

Trina Weller
Trina Weller has been a decision professional for more than 25 years, applying her expertise in consulting, software development and education. She frequently leads courses for SDG clients and has taught in programs at Stanford University and Santa Clara University. She is a Fellow of the Society of Decision Professionals.

Hannah Winter
Hannah Winter is a partner, strategy consultant, and educator with SDG, where she leads the firm’s executive education program and oversees the firm's university partnerships offering the Strategic Decision and Risk Management certificate program for mid-career professionals. She is a coauthor of Decision Quality: Value Creation from Better Business Decisions (Wiley, 2016).

The Strategic Decision and Risk Management Certificate Program provides executives and mid-career professionals with the concepts and advanced knowledge to make high-quality decisions and embrace risk and uncertainty for competitive advantage. The certificate is a recognition that you have the advanced skills to lead decision making in your organization. Earn the SDRM certificate by completing five classes.

SDG is pleased to collaborate with the Wharton School at the University of Pennsyvlania to offer the SDRM certificate.

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